Herman Miller Healthcare Leads the Way w/ Intro of Compass System

(Miller) Driven by its commitment to the healthcare industry, Herman Miller Healthcare, a division of Herman Miller, Inc., navigates a new category of modular furniture with the introduction of its Compass System at NeoCon, June 14-16 (# 3-330). The result of an ongoing collaboration between Herman Miller and Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy headquartered in Boston, Compass revolutionizes how designers and end-users address the constant state of change in healthcare spaces, all while... Click here to read this article in full.

Companies, Hospitals Move Away from Toxic Material

(CNN) Worried about toxic waste and chemical exposure, more and more companies and hospitals are moving away from polyvinyl chloride.

PVC is used in everything from home siding, pipes and flooring to school supplies, car interiors and packaging, electrical cords and medical tubing. But making or burning PVC waste produces dioxins, cancer-causing chemicals that are among the most toxic substances known... Click here to read this article in full.

Phthalates: Are They Safe?

(CBS) More than ever, people are worried about how all the chemicals we're exposed to are affecting our health: among them a family of chemicals known as phthalates, which are used in everyday plastics.

Not plastic bottles of water or soda, but soft and flexible things like shower curtains. They're also in shampoos and carpeting... Click here to read this article in full.

Consumer News: Phthalates Banned From Child Toys

(ABC) Congress today approved a nationwide ban on phthalates, a group of harmful chemicals, from children's products after some studies linked them to a variety of long-term health issues.

Studies have shown that toxins can be ingested when toys with phthalates are placed in the mouth, making them particularly dangerous in children's toys... Click here to read this article in full.

Compass System

(Miller) The perfect healthcare space today will not be perfect tomorrow. Healthcare organizations face an ongoing challenge in managing their facilities: while treatment and care processes continually evolve, many healthcare spaces are not designed to adapt... Click here to read this article in full.

Designer Perspectives: Gianfranco Zaccai

(Contract) Research is of utmost importance to Italian-born designer Gianfranco Zaccai, president and chief design officer at Continuum, Inc. It was this dedication to discovery and function that helped him create the 2010 Best of NeoCon® Award-winning Compass™ System, a modular, wall system for healthcare environments, for Herman Miller Healthcare... Click here to read this article in full.

For Herman Miller, Inc., Success Strikes Twice for Compass System

(Miller) Company's Healthcare Furnishing Solution Continues to Receive Industry Recognition with Two Prestigious Awards for Design Excellence... Click here to read this article in full.